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Licensed Real Estate Agent

Having grown up on Long Island, Lisa has always felt a deep connection to the place she calls home. Lisa’s love for real estate was created during the time her mother was a realtor and her father was a builder. Watching her mother and her epic work ethic has always drawn my attention. Her work ethic was above and beyond and Lisa followed suit. Before becoming a realtor, Lisa was a court reporter and worked in several law firms. During that time, Lisa met so many different people daily that she created relationships with and it became natural for her to make connections. That experience has shown Lisa how quickly people become comfortable with her. So relative to real estate, Lisa has always been building relationships and finds it easy to connect with people and understand what their needs are and has the ability to help them in their process with truth and sincerity. Lisa addresses all of her client’s needs with the utmost care. Her clients and customers know they can trust her and know she has their best interests at heart as she leads them through the process.


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35 Arkay Drive, Suite 300, Hauppauge, NY, United States, New York